What Is The Three Pivot Electric Forklift And What Are Its Advantages

(1) What is a three-pivot electric forklift?

The three-fulcrum type counterbalanced seated electric forklift is abbreviated as the three-fulcrum electric forklift. It is an electric forklift whose rear wheels are both driving wheels and steering wheels. This type of forklift has a small load on the rear wheel axle due to the load in the front, so the motor power required by the drive system is small, the fully enclosed AC technology is adopted, the structure is compact and simple, and the turning radius can be obtained with a small turning radius. There is enough grip on the slippery ground.

The three-pivot electric forklift does not drive the front axle, the mast is directly connected to the front wheel as a whole, the upper part is connected to the frame, the lower part of the mast is connected to a tilting cylinder arranged at the bottom of the car body, and the oil is supplied through the hydraulic system. The piston rod moves back and forth. The mast and the front wheels rotate around the hinge axis on the frame. Extend or retract the bottom to achieve backward or forward tilt. At the same time, the wheelbase of the vehicle is extended or shortened.

(2) What are the advantages of the three-fulcrum electric forklift?

1. Shorten the front overhang of the vehicle. With the same tonnage, the required counterweight is light, the vehicle length is shortened, the turning radius is reduced, and the maneuverability is good.

2. When the cargo is in operation, the mast tilts backward and the wheelbase extends. The stability is improved, and the driver can operate the forklift more safely and smoothly.

3. The traction performance is more superior because the center of gravity moves back as the track length increases. The rear wheel load is increased. When the full-load mast tilts backward, the rear wheel load can be increased to about 54% of the original rear wheel full load load. Since the rear wheel load is within a small range, the traction force is determined by the rear wheel adhesion. The increased load on the rear wheels undoubtedly improves the traction performance.

4. Increase the working hours of each class. Due to the small counterweight and light weight of the whole machine, energy can be saved.

5. When the wheelbase is shortened, it can improve mobility and increase the use of storage space. The forklift truck adopting this structure can work in a narrower aisle than other forklift trucks.

In short, the three-fulcrum electric forklift is a forklift with flexible use and compact structure, which has a wider use field and a long life.

Post time: Dec-13-2023


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